Our History & Committee Members 


 The    Festival had its beginnings in 2005. Graham Hughes was our first organiser,  gathering a group of people interested in 4 categories of celebrations:        

1) Warrnambool and District :The festival was designed as a community celebration
2) Easter: The theme was to celebrate the traditional Christian Easter
3) Arts: The festival was to be a celebration of the Arts. The wide variety of arts as known and participated in within our community would be used as the medium of the festival
4) celebration: It was planned to be a joyful celebration of community events embodying the Easter theme and presented through it as many of the arts as possible 

Art work by Alison Marr 

Warrnambool Standard 2005

An article published in the Warrnambool Standard in 2005
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John Stephen

I am John Stephen and I am the new director of the Warrnambool & District Easter Arts Festival. I have lived in Warrnambool all my life and are very excited about next years festival after the disappointment of this years cancellations.  I am married to Pamela and we have 3 children 1 grandchild and a second grandchild due in a few weeks which is very exciting.  I have over the years worked at Fletcher Jones for 35 years, Kings College for 18 years as their cleaner with my wife Pamela and the past 15 years at the Warrnambool city council. For those who know me I have always had a passion for inter church events and cooperation and have always when asked played an active role in these events. I firmly believe that something very wonderful and powerful occurs when the churches come together united to present the gospel. I currently attend Kardinia church in Warrnambool but have had associations with the Salvation Army, Baptist and Gateway church. We are endeavouring to present a well presented and diverse festival next year and myself and the committee had been actively working hard to get this all in place for the sharing of the Easter message to our local communities. Hope you will participate  and enjoy next years festival.
John Stephen

Art work by Alison Marr