Warrnambool & District Easter Arts Festival

Warrnambool & District Easter Arts Festival

An encompassing community Arts Festival celebrating the traditional Easter theme. 

An encompassing community Arts Festival celebrating the traditional Easter theme. 

Warrnambool & District Easter Arts Festival

The Easter Arts Festival is designed to be an inclusive and celebratory series of arts events including sculpture, painting, literature, music, singing, performance, dance, photographic-art, film and all forms of textile art. Festival events are held at various venues during March and April. 

What's happening in 2021 

Well, things are moving along quite nicely in preparation for Warrnambool & District Easter Arts Festival to be held in 2022! We are excited to report that m any exciting new events will be added, along with repeats of the favourites that were so successful in 2021. We are really excited with how the 2022 festival is developing and the interest it is generating in our community. With many months still to go and more events still in the pipeline, it’s sure to be the most creative, entertaining and informative Easter Arts Festival yet. 

Do you have an event in mind?

Easter Arts Festival is all about our community, we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or events that you would like to see included in our program like local acts, artists, musicians that would complement our Festival theme, make sure to let us know. You can contact us by calling 
John Stephen : 0439 631 030
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Confirmed Events:

Merri View Gallery
Warrnambool and District Artists Society completion with prizes and exhibition at the Merri  View Gallery Dates to be announced

Bindi Cole Chokka: (Dates to be announced)

Fiona Turland: botanical artwork (((Dates to be announced)(

Lakes and Craters band (Dates to be announced)

Naringal Baptist Church 
Men’s Brekky:at Naringal Baptist.  Guest speaker Tim Costello. 8.30am Sat. 26 March.
“Heart of Grace” dance workshops.   (Dates to be announced)
Craft days at Naringal: Dates to be announced

Ladies’ Luncheon:  Speaker Tim Costello.  Sat. 26 March.announced

Cannon hill "Way of the Cross walk" Good Friday at Cannon hill

Uniting Church 
Art/craft exhibition:  Sunday 17, Sat23 and Sun 24 April.
“Songs of Praise” church service and morning tea.  Sunday 24 April.

New Life Church
Hymn singalong and afternoon at New Life Church (Dates to be announced)