Easter Arts Festival

Easter Arts Festival

An encompassing community Arts Festival celebrating the traditional Easter theme. 

An encompassing community Arts Festival celebrating the traditional Easter theme. 

Warrnambool Easter Arts Festival

Warrnambool Easter Arts Festival is designed to be an inclusive and celebratory series of arts events including Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Singing, Performance, Dance, PhotograficArt and Film
Festival events are held at various venues throughout March and April.

Due to the Covid 19 virus the 2020 Festival has been cancelled

Well our plans for a spectacular 2020 Easter Arts Festival that started in March 2020 were brought to a grand conclusion. The programme encompassed the whole community and consisted of brilliant, inspired and wonderfully professional presentations. Unfortunately restrictions on social gatherings began about the same time, multiplied gradually and then very quickly, knocking out our programme of events one by one. Gone were the wonderful exhibitions, concerts, workshops and bus tours. Although the committee and our event organiser’s have expressed great disappointment,There is already a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm to plan on a bigger and better Easter Arts Festival in 2021

Ragman & Luke's Stories of Hope


Ragman & Luke's stories of hope is dramatically told by story teller Philip Liebelt. The event was originally for the Warrnambool & District Easter Arts Festival but because of the social distancing rule's brought about by the covid 19 virus. We decided to make a video and put it online for people to view.

1st place David Voigt

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